Pyrolysis Ovens

In a Lytzen pyrolysis oven plastic residues in nozzles or similar tools are removed by means of a pyrolysis process.

Adjustable burn-chamber
The Lytzen pyrolysis oven consists of a burn-off chamber and an afterburner unit. The top part of the burn-off chamber opens pneumatically, and inside the chamber a grating is fitted for the placing of nozzles/tools. The chamber is electrically heated for a temperature up to 700° C. 

The burn-off chamber can be adjusted in the working length according to your requirements.

The afterburner is gas heated by means of a gas burner, which is placed in the bottom of the afterburner. The afterburner can be placed on either the left or the right side of the burn-off chamber, which also applies for the control board.

Easy removal of plastic
In the pyrolysis process the gas, which is released in the burn-off chamber, is led into the afterburner and burned off. 

The melted plastic residues flows into a cistern mounted underneath the chamber, and congeals into a hard mass, which is easily removed.

The Lytzen pyrolysis oven is designed to produce an environmentally combustion of plastic material and to meet all present regulations from the authorities regarding clean outlet air.