Hot Air Ovens

The Lytzen hot air ovens are used in connection with lines for manufacturing of various types of monofilaments, such as tapes and packing straps.

Generally the Lytzen hot air oven can be used for heat treatment and drying up to 250° C, as well as for a number of other purposes.

The Lytzen hot air oven operates according to the convection principle, where air is circulated through one or several circulation systems.

The air flow occurs parallel with the material, which secures a stable material flow.

The TKC- type has air inlet from below, whereas the TKD- type has air inlet from below and above.

The upper part opens pneumatically in 2 steps; step 1 for insertion of material and step 2 for cleaning and servicing purposes.

Air velocity : up to 20 m/sec

Air accuracy : ± 0,75 m/sec

Temperature accuracy : ± 1% from set value (measured over the working width).

According to our customer requirements the Lytzen hot air oven can be adjusted in working width, length and height. Please check our data sheets.

For other special requirements we will mention operating temperature up to 400°C, inside lining AISI 304, inside fully welded a.o.