Industrial Process Ovens for the Plastic Industry

The Lytzen ovens meet the high demands from the plastic processing industry for high reliability and accuracy. With a minimum of maintenance cost the customer can expect a very long lifetime for the ovens. Lytzen is still supporting ovens delivered in the seventies.

Hot Air Ovens

The Lytzen hot air is used in connection with lines for manufacturing of various types of monofilaments such as tapes, threads, packaging straps and artificial turf.

Because of our unique knowhow about air handling and temperature distribution Lytzen engineers have constructed a chamber with an outstanding accuracy regarding temperature and airflow reducing the risk for creating weak spots in the product being treated.

Lytzen ovens are part of productions lines all over the world.

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Pyrolysis Ovens

The function of the Lytzen Pyrolysis oven is to remove plastic residues in nozzles or similar tolls used in the plastic processing industry by means of a pyrolysis process. 

The combustion is designed to be environmentally friendly and the remains are easily collected for correct handling.