Full compliance with ISO Class 7

The Lytzen depyrogenation oven complies with the ISO 14644-1 Class 7 up to 350° C. The ISO Class 7 is equivalent to the U.S. Federal Standard 209E Class 10,000.

Particle count class 10,000

No internal filters needed
The Lytzen ISO Class 7 depyrogenation oven is without internal filters, which results in some clear advantages. 

Only filters on the air inlet and exhaust are necessary. The chamber construction and the sealing of the chamber guarantee, that ISO Class 7 is obtained without use of internal HEPA-filters throughout the entire cycle. As it can be seen from the adjacent particle report, Lytzen is actually far below the ISO Class 7 limit. The absence of internal filters reduces the overall price for the depyrogenation oven considerably.

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