Flexible cGMP-design in every detail

The production facilities at Lytzen are designed to customize our depyrogenation ovens on your company’s specific needs. Lytzen is very flexible regarding chamber sizes enabling many capacity requirements.

Stainless steel in different types
The Lytzen depyrogenation oven is in stainless steel inside and outside. Stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 L is standard. Different types of stainless steel are available. The water cooling element is a continuous welded unit without any connections inside the cabinet boundary. It is pressure tested and is expected to last the lifetime of the oven.

Tight and clean design based on cGMP
The chamber is fully welded inside, no leakage to the insulation can occur and the chamber is very easy to clean. All welds are visible and can be inspected. Due to our unique design, our inside chamber is fully welded to the outside cabinet, eliminating hidden hollows caused by cover panels where particles and bacteria can hide. We only use stainless steel for the reinforcement in the insulation.

Lytzen is very flexible regarding the control system and the documentation as well. We have two brands of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) as standard – Siemens and Allen-Bradley.