Optimized cycle

The cycle of a Lytzen Depyrogenation oven is fully automatic, and is optimized to save energy.

The cycle starts with the drying phase where the damper on the exhaust is open ensuring, that any moisture will be removed from the chamber.

At a set-point temperature decided by the customer, the damper will close and the temperature will rise to the sterilizing set-point temperature as fast as possible. The damper will also stay closed during sterilization. Lytzen ovens are always equipped with a powerful heating element to shorten the heating time.

Due to our superior filter suspension system we do not need to ramp during heating and cooling, but can run with full speed to shorten the cycle time.

The sterilizing timer can be started either by delay timer or/and load sensors. If load sensors are chosen, the sterilizing timer will only be running if all the load sensors are within an acceptable range from the sterilizing set-point.

If the cycle time is important, forced air cooling or water cooling is available for rapid cooling.