Chamber Sealing

In order to obtain ISO Class 5 during the entire cycle, it is important that the chamber is sealed.

Door gasket
As standard, Lytzen sterilizers are equipped with double door gaskets (FDA-approved). The purpose of double door gasket is to render maximum security, allowing no leakage between the chamber and the outside. Furthermore the double gasket minimizes the surface temperature of the sterilizer and any undesired air flow in the sterile area.

Fan shaft seal
The fan shaft connecting the fan motor with the circulation wheel through the insulation is a potential problem area for particles penetrating the chamber. Lytzen has solved this problem by the Lytzen air seal.

Inlet air and exhaust are equipped with HEPA filters. The internal HEPA-filters inside the cabinet are equipped with the unique Lytzen suspension system solving the particle problem during heating and cooling.