Lytzen accessories are specially designed to fit the specific depyrogenation oven and to satisfy the special cGMP requirements within the pharmaceutical industry.

Full accessory package
The full package of accessories for the Lytzen sterilizer comprises transfer trolley, mobile rack, wire trays and cassettes. The transfer trolley is for transporting the mobile rack outside the chamber. The transfer trolley is locked to the chamber when the mobile rack is pushed into the chamber making the operation very easy.

Trolley and tray support
For storage, the trolley is provided with a unique floor saving feature. The mobile rack is available with fixed or removable tray supports. The height between the tray supports can be adjusted to suit customer load configuration.

The mobile rack is equipped with the special Lytzen wheel that runs very easily and at the same time can stand a very high temperature (300°), without any need for lubrications.

Cassettes are customized and are also available in perforated design. Mobile rack wire trays and cassettes are always in stainless steel AISI 316.

Mobil Rack with Transfer Trolly