Clean Efficiency to the Next Level

With a Lytzen depyrogenation oven, you will get the most reliable and profitable solution. We have specialized within the field of dry heat sterilizers since the late seventies. And we can proudly say that the current design is a result of always striving to meet the high demands from our customers.

Depyrogenation Oven
Lytzen Depyrogenation Oven

Complete elimination of micro-organisms
The Depyrogenation oven for depyrogenation and dry heat sterilization provides complete destruction of micro-organisms by means of a controlled temperature for a controlled period of time. The sterilizing effect is calculated by the PLC (F-calculation).

Compliance with all major directives
We deliver high quality cGMP design in every aspect of the depyrogenation oven – and we are in compliance with all major directives within the pharmaceutical industry. The depyrogenation and dry heat sterilization is environmentally safe and causes no pollution or waste problems for surroundings or personnel.


Low lifetime costs
As our ovens have proved to be very durable and reliable, your production can run for many years with the same equipment. The little extra investment in superior quality is by far the most profitable in the long run. Our energy-saving exhaust system is another example of an important design detail saving your company money.

What are our depyrogenation ovens used for?
Our ovens are mainly used for depyrogenation and sterilization of empty glass and metal such as ampoules, injection bottles, vials and stainless steel equipment. Other applications include sterilization of closed bottles with low aqueous liquids and powder medicaments.