Company Profile of Lytzen

Lytzen strives to continuously deliver world-class oven solutions. The company was founded in 1947 by Danish Engineer Per Lytzen.

Line of Business

Based upon experience and know-how accumulated through 60 years, we sell rational solutions for production, securing an economical sound operation during the long lifetime of our products. We believe that high quality will be most economical choice in the long run.


The target group of customers are pharmaceutical, biomedical, and plastic processing industries. We are continuously looking for new sectors relevant for our know-how and products. The high demands from our customers, is our key to maintain our position as number 1 regarding quality and customer satisfaction.

Management of Lytzen

The management of Lytzen is based on decentralization implying that authority and responsibility for making decisions are delegated to the field meeting the practical consequences of the decisions. This forms wide limits for the employees, in order to benefit of impulses, possibilities and resources for the benefit of Lytzen and our customers.


It is our aim to stay ahead regarding quality, performance and service. We are constantly monitoring new guidelines and regulation within our target industries in order to make sure, that Lytzen products, at any time, are in compliance with relevant standards. We are also participating in working groups setting up guidelines within our fields.

We are oven solution specialists. And we intend to stay in our market leading position for many, many years ahead.

Per Lytzen